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Getting Started:

Spend a day or two thinking about 5 people you know who need the most help. However you define 'need' is okay.You may also write down affirmative statements relating to a person or a social cause.

Write down their names on a piece of paper. It's best to use the first and the last name. You may use the person's nickname if that is what they most commonly use. You may also combine the use of the person's formal name and his or her nickname.

For example: The formal name 'Joseph Doe' could become 'Joseph Joey Doe.' Examples of affirmative statements could be:

        -The corruption of the world's power elite has now         been fully and completely exposed from every         information outlet.

        -The people of the world are now fully aware of         what is truly happening on our planet and they are         now taking effective, appropriate, and peaceful         actions to improve the situation.

Do not be too general with your affirmative statements. The statements listed above are probably about as general as you will want to be.

Although it is okay for experienced meditators to do the meditation every day, it's probably best for those who have never meditated regularly to do the following meditation  EVERY OTHER DAY FOR THE FIRST MONTH.
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