Benefits of Meditation:

1. Stress relief by lowing ‘stress’ chemical. One of the best meditation benefits is reducing the well-known stress hormone cortisol. In fact, cortisol does significant damage to our bodies in high doses. With today's fast-paced society, it is common for many people to have too much cortisol surging through their bodies. High levels of cortisol have been found to increase heart attacks, undesirable cholesterol and blood pressure, while causing hyperglycemia, suppressing thyroid health and lowering immunity all around. Regular meditation significantly lowers cortisol levels and reduces the risk for these diseases.

2. Eliminates anxiety and depression. Regular meditation increases levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin and GABA, which are mood stabilizers. Lowered levels of GABA have been associated with increased anxiety, tension and insomnia. Lowered levels of serotonin are associated with depression. In my opinion, increasing serotonin levels is one of the most significant benefits of meditation, since so many people today use anti-depressants to influence serotonin levels.

3. Improved and lasting sense of well-being. One way to get a ‘natural high’ is to increase the endorphins in the body. Many people have experienced this ‘high’ from exercise. Meditation also increases endorphin levels in the body.

4. Quiets mind chatter. When the brain enters a meditative state, one of the benefits of meditation is that the brain has actually shifted gears from a busy mind of Beta frequency down to the relaxed, calm state of Alpha, Theta, or for deep meditation, Delta. Our bodies automatically respond to each brainwave frequency (of Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta) and become nervous or anxious (in Beta) or calm and relaxed (in Alpha.) Easy meditation techniques such as brainwave meditation automatically put the brain into different states, thus directing the body to respond accordingly and produce appropriate chemicals.

5. Increased emotional maturity, but also gives rise to increased self-awareness. This gives many people the opportunity to see themselves more objectively and to effectively make changes both inside and outside.

6. Spiritual Insight. Another one of the emotional meditation benefits is that regular meditation puts many people in touch with a higher power, whatever that may be. This increases intuition, creativity, purpose, and can change the perspective from viewing something as a problem to, instead, viewing it as an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth. These higher emotional states are a natural progression because the mind and body are kept more balanced through the other physical and mental meditation benefits discussed herein.

7. Improved emotional connection with self and others. Can meditation actually improve relationships? Yes, because when the mind and body's chemicals are working well through regular meditation, many people find the composure, patience and inner peace to better handle their relationships and other facets of their lives. A better connection with self is established and with this connection, there is an open doorway for better emotional connections with others.

8. Anti-aging. Can one of the meditation benefits be that meditation actually keeps us young? Yes, because meditation has been found to improve chemicals such as DHEA, human growth hormone and melatonin, all of which help our bodies fight aging.

9. Improves Immune system functioning. When discussing meditation benefits, it becomes apparent that meditation has a significant impact on how well the immune system functions. As we have already noted in previous benefits, meditations helps the immune system by the decrease of cortisol and the increase of 'healthy' chemicals, such as DHEA, human growth hormone and melatonin. Another way the immune system regenerates itself is by sleep, and people who meditate sleep better. Deeper sleep increases renewal, rejuvenation, and immune system functioning.

10. Sleep replacement. One of the truly best meditation benefits is the use of an appropriately engineered brainwave meditation mp3 that puts your brain into a brain frequency that actually replaces sleep. For example, 2-3 hours of sleep can be replaced when your brain is put into a certain meditation frequency for 30 minutes.