Applying List:

1. With your list of people handy, face north, stretching your legs so that your feet also face north.

2. Put your hands on your kneecaps. If you need to bend your legs/knees so that you can get your hands on your kneecaps comfortably, that's fine. You may either sit in a chair or on the floor with your legs close together and stretched out straight. If you decide to sit on the floor, it's probably best to lean against something with some back support.

3. Spend as much time as you need clearing your mind and getting settled to meditate as you would with any meditation.

4. Read the name of your first person aloud slowly 5 times.

5. After reading out the person's name, spend a few minutes (about 1-5 minutes, whatever is comfortable) tuning into that person and their emotions. If your mind wanders, that's okay. Just bring yourself back into focus on that person and what they're feeling.

6. Move onto the next person on your list and repeat the process.

7. After you are finished with your first 5 people or causes, turn yourself around and repeat the process again facing south.

8. After the first month, add 5 more people to your list who you think need help. I found that my next 5 people was a little harder to think of. If you can't think of 5 more people, then you can also substitute one or more causes. Just make sure the cause isn't too broad. For example, world peace is too broad a cause. However, overcoming breast cancer, overcoming obesity, or gay rights or ending abortion would all be good examples of causes that aren't too broad.

9. After you've added 5 more people, alternate between your lists of 5 people/causes each day so that you're meditating 20-35 minutes every day. KEEP IT UP. CONSISTENCY IS VERY IMPORTANT!

10. After you've finished all 5 people, FACE SOUTH and then do the same process with your 5 people again facing the Southward direction. It usually takes me 20-35 minutes.

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